Command Description Usage
say Write a specified text or Embed in the current chat (or #channel if specified) !say [#channel] (text | embed code)
webhook | wh Write a specified text or Embed via a webbook with the given name (from database). !webhook (name) (text | embed code
clear | cl Delete selected number of messages from this chat (or only from the selected user) !clear (count) \ !clear [count] [@who]
kick Kick user !kick [@who] [reason]
ban Ban user !ban [@who] [reason]
unban Unban user !unban (name|id)
send Send a file from url !send (url)
pay Get money from a server bank !pay (count)
Command Description Usage
set prefix Set prefix (Server administrators only) !set prefix (prefix)
set autorole Set the autorole at the entrance to the server (Only server administrators) !set autorole (@role | name | id)
set lvlup Set a role for selected level (Server administrators only) !set lvlup (lvl) (@role | name | id)
set shop Add a role to the store (Server administrators only) !set shop (@role | name | id) (cost)
set language | set lang Set bot's language on the server. Available languages ​​- english | en, russian | ru, ukrainian | ua (Only server administrators) !set language | lang (lang)
set webhook |set wh Add a webhook with specified name and url to the database (Server administrators only) !set webhook | wh (name) (url)
set stream Set stream notifications for the selected user. Available substitutions in the text are {name} for the name of the stream, {url} for the link to the stream. Example "Come on stream {name}. Link - {url}" (Server administrators only) !set stream (@user | name | id) (text)
remove shop Remove a role to the store (Server administrators only) !remove|rm shop (@role | name | id)
remove | rm autorole Remove autorole at the entrance to the server (Server administrators only) !remove | rm autorole
remove | rm lvlup (lvl) Remove role for selected level (Server administrators only) !remove | rm lvlup (lvl)
remove | rm webhook | wh Remove the webhook with specified name from the database (Server administrators only) !remove | rm webhook | wh (name)
remove | rm stream Remove stream alerts from a selected user (Server administrators only) !remove | rm stream (@user | name | id)
Command Description Usage
timely Get a daily reward (500 once in 12 hours) !timely
work Go to work (50 once in 30 minutes) !work
br Play Roulette !br [bet]
slots Play Slots !slots [bet]
give Transfer currency to user !give (@user) (count)
shop Role Shop !shop [page]
buy Buy a role from the store (money is transfering to the server's bank) !buy (name | id | mention | number in the shop)
Command Description Usage
kiss Kiss user [30 cookie] !kiss <@who>
hug Hug user [30 cookie] !hug <@who>
punch Punch to user [20 cookie] !punch <@who>
five Five to user [5 cookie] !five <@who>
wink Wink to user [20 cookie] !wink <@who>
fuck Show fuck to user [15 cookie] !fuck <@who>
drink Drink some alchohol [45 cookie] !drink
Command Description Usage
$ Check your balance !$
top Show top by XP !top [page]
me Show user's profile !me / !me [@user]
Command Description Usage
like Like to server !like
top Show top servers !list [page]
Command Description Usage
help Show a list of commands or help for the selected command !help \ !help [command name]
ping Check connection delay (For verified users only) !ping
avatar Show user's avatar !avatar [@user]
report Send report to bot developers !report (text)
server Show server's information !server
invite Get a link to add Tomori to your server !invite
about Show bot's information !about

*(...) - is a required argument
*[...] - is an optional argument